Wednesday, March 18, 2009 launch

After more then a year of thinking about doing it I finally setup and after getting the initial kinks out am officially launching it. While KDE is a major user of Qt there are many applications and developers out there who are not part of the KDE project or who's blogs/news really don't really fit on (or the freedesktop planet). Because of this there are a lot of really interesting Qt projects/tools/stuff out there that people don't know about. So that is why I started Planet Qt. Being made up of people I thought the frame from the Qt4 dance seemed to be a nice logo.

Submit atom/rss feeds for blogs about Qt development or the news feeds of applications/libraries that use Qt and I will add them.


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profoX said...

I love this! I thought about something like this as well, but never got around to starting it up. Good job!

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