Friday, November 09, 2007

QtScript profiling

Working on some QtScript code a little bit ago I wanted to profile the code. There didn't exists a profiler to I wrote one. It uses QScriptEngineAgent which is part of Qt 4.4.

qscriptprofiler runs with script files as arguments that are each executed in the order they are passed. When the script is finished it will generate a callgrind file that can be loaded in KCachegrind. At this time qscriptprofiler only uses gettimeofday() to determine how long something takes so there is the possibility that it isn't accurate if your system is under heavy load. Improving it to not use the system clock is left as an exercise to the user (it is good enough for what I have been using it for). The profiler can be used in other projects and a pri file is included.

You can get the source for qscriptprofiler on github.

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