Monday, October 29, 2007


I have a number of presents for you all.

First off is a little file manager that I wrote several months ago. It is called Ambit and is pretty much a weekend clone of OS X's Finder.

Robero's wrote a kick ass C++ parser and code model. With it you can quickly and easily parse C++ and walk it sources to be able to do all sorts of cool things. Older versions of Roberto's parser can be found in various places in KDE, but they don't compile with just QtCore (the one in KDevelop require kate!) so I pulled this one out of the Qt Jambi sources and bounbled it up, added an example and put it up online where others can easily get at it to make their own tools such as those I talked about in making testing enjoyable with parsers.

I have begun learning Lisp (or more exactly Common Lisp). Rather then just trying to make something and read tutorials as I need them I am slowly going through some Lisp books I own, working through the problems and exercises. I started a blog with the notes as I learn Lisp.

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