Tuesday, June 01, 2004

File Encoding With KAudioCreator

In KAudioCreator there has been a long standing wish for the ability to encode wav files. Sense this is a task that KAudioCreator already does, it would seem like an easy thing to add right? Well a year later and a dozen ideas later I still am not too sure how to intigrate it into the interface. In CVS HEAD if you go File/Encode File it brings up a dialog that you can select a file to encode. I am not all that happy with this solution, but it seems the best at this time. So putting it out to everyone for some ideas on how this can be best implemented or if it should even be.



Mikko Tuomitalo said...

Hmm... Is that so that in current UI, you can only convert one file by time?

I have many WAV files what I have copied from CD but not converted. And that has staid in that state now two years because I have not used anykind easy UI application to do that.

I suggest to copy a idea from krename kind a UI. You get to left side a list of WAV files. You can re-arrage them to order. Select all files and apply a wanted metadata to selected files. And then go one by one files what you want to rename other ways. Like different song name. Track number could be set by the order.

This is littlebit the way on Amarok1.4 too, so it should not be so dificult to find examples.

Then just selecting path where to save, or does it save them to same directory or subalbumb and then clicking "Convert" and wait job to be done.

Frank said...

Note that post is from 2004.

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