Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anigma Game

Originally called "Puzz-le", Anigma was a very well done puzzle game for the Sharp Zaurus. When blocks of the same color are moved next to each other they disappear. The goal is to eliminate all the blocks on each level. Beside colored blocks there are other various objects the player can interact with. This includes elevators, disappearing trap-blocks, fire pits and more.

Released under the BSD license I ported it from Qt 2 to Qt 4. The original source is available on Walter Rawdanik's website. After porting the code some parts were upgraded to take advantage of new features in Qt4, but overall the code retains the original design. If you enjoy this game please send Walter Rawdanik an e-mail thanking him for licensing Puzz-le under the BSD.

The source for Anigma is under the BSD license. I recommend using Qt 4.2.3 with the game, but if you use 4.2.2 everything plays fine just the text at the top of the screen shows up very dark due to a Qt painting bug.

Download Anigma on the Anigma project page.

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winand said...

Saved games can't be loaded. I see empty screen (background and buttons abort, pause, restart). Tried to compile sources from git for Qtopia and for desktop

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