Monday, April 17, 2006


Over on slashdot there is a review of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Maybe Nokia has big plans, maybe they are going to re-use some of the software (cough only the browser cough) for their phones, who knows, but I feel like a time warp back five years with the Zaurus. You could almost read slashdot and swap the name of the product and it would be the same. People complaining about the software, but saying "it doesn't matter because the community will quickly make it better/fill X nitch/create whole new solutions/create new better rom/fix X problems. It is really sad too because the hardware itself isn't even that great from what people are saying. So in a year or two this device will be dead. Maybe a whole new better device will come out or more likely three more revisions will limp out, only time will tell.

In a similar vain I saw a review of PyQt and BlackAdder and thought I would check it out because I am interested in what they would have to say about BlackAdder. I have never used it myself, just curious about the product I have heard about from time to time. Suffice it to say the reviewer found it less then stellar, with this choice quote summing it up:

TheKompany is going to have to bend over backwards to show they've mended their ways before I would ever consider buying anything from them again.

Not to end on such a unhappy note I recently found a LISP and Qt4 integration attempt. It is pretty cool and I got it working on my box without too much trouble. Good for quickly hacking up some test apps.

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