Sunday, January 15, 2006

Job Trends

On reddit there was a link comparing job postings for lisp, python and ruby.

So of course I had to put in for kde and gnome. There were both near zero and gnome even did have 0 at one point. Either way they are both so small that the difference is inconsequential. But when you put in some different keyboards you will find out some more interesting things.

  • There are about as many jobs for khtml as gtk+

  • Companies don't seem to hire gtk programmers, but mono (now the future of gnome with it in fc4?)

  • The mono and gtk graphs seem a little in sync again suggesting that if you program in gtk you should know mono too.

  • There is about twice as many people hiring with qt experience as mono

  • At least right now ajax really does pay to learn

  • Companies want more "developers" then "programmers"

  • More companies are looking for qt experience than coco (even apple had a job posting looking for Qt experience)

Oh course this is just a graph off some web page so take it with a grain of salt.

On you can subscribe to keywords and they will e-mail you when a new job is posted with that keyword. It was fun watching as the Qt job postings grew from one every few months to sometimes more then once in a day ( at which point I unsubscribed). It was very easy to see what kind of companies were hiring qt developers. I bet you there is someone out there who is exploiting similar information on the stock market for tools companies. Knowing what a company is hiring often shows where a company is and where it is going.

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