Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fireworks in Norway

Went to a new years party this evening and at twenty of twelve we left the apartment and headed a few blocks away to the local park which has hill and a very nice view. As we were walking there it was mesmerizing to watch as more and more people were appearing from every direction heading to the park creating a large stream of people up the hill. All day long I have heard fireworks going off and even from our window we watched a father and his kids set off some large fireworks in the parks across the street earlier in the evening. While we walked down to the party we heard (but couldn't see most) a firework or two every minute. When we turned the corner and could see the park we could also see many fireworks also going off all over the hill. We walked up the hill and onto the first flat area. There were people everywhere and in the middle there was an unofficial area where people were walking up and launching their fireworks from. A number of other similar spots could be seen elsewhere in the park. The fireworks being set off were not little fireworks, but every size, many very large (that wouldn't be at all legal in the US). Now I have seen big fireworks (mostly at forth of july in Boston from the river bank), but not fifty feet above me. Because there was no government run show (let alone a synchronized radio firework show) for about a hour people where continuously setting off fireworks everywhere you looked. And up on the hill you could see the same thing was happening all across the town at other parks. Look left right, behind you, in front of you everywhere another massive firework was going off. Occasionally the fireworks would explode on the ground or just a few feet off the ground spitting out into the crowds. I realized that I probably had a better chance of getting hurt then anytime in my recent past. Words really can not describe the shear chaos, noise and marvel. So of course next year I will definitely be going out again.

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