Saturday, November 12, 2005

Microsoft, Applications, and $159 Computers

Earlier this year I wrote an article discussing what I think is Microsoft's biggest problem with their Windows Operating system. Why Microsoft's market share wont grow. The gist being the fact that you have to be the system administrator to use Microsoft Windows. At the time I felt that the article wasn't my best and needed more polish and ... I forgot about it. I came across it the other day and so I posted it up on my site in the hope that others might get something out of it.

As many of you know I enjoy playing the original Quake from time to time and a few months ago I was given the source code to the Quake 1 level editor BSP from its author. I spent some time cleaning up the source and now I have posted up the original source and my modifications for anyone else who might want to explore/use it. BSP source project page.

I have done a lot of Qtopia work in the past and about two years ago I created a game similar to Microsoft's InkBall in Qt/KDE called Ballow. The basic selling point of the game is that rather then using a mouse/keyboard/joystick you play the game by drawing on the screen with your stylus. I have no plans to do anything more with this application (got it to demo stage and didn't do anything else) so I have packaged it up and put it on my website for whomever would be interested (there is a screenshot too).

If you can't tell I cleaned up my hard drive this past week :)

And for those developers out there looking for a spare computer to help your compiles via distcc (and something like distccKnoppix) here is a $159 AMD computer that would be perfect for that job.

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