Monday, November 21, 2005

Apple hardware resell value

In case you didn't believe that Apple hardware keeps its value, head over to craigslist where everything is super cheap and you can even get a Piano's for free, but the Apple hardware still sells for a more then fair price. So next time you buy a whole new computer to run Linux it probably would be well worth your investment to pick up an Apple computer. With Apple soon to sell x86 hardware, spending a little more now for the Apple logo means you can re-sell it for way ($500+ easily) more in two years then x86 hardware which seems to depreciate like cars (the moment you own it it is worth 1/2 as much used and only goes down). If Windows ran fine on the new Apple hardware it would be interesting to see if lease companies leased Apple hardware (to run Windows) for a lot less then Dell hardware because they can actually resell it for a good chunk of change after the three years is up.

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