Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to get laid with a web based office

My my blog I didn't advocate web based editing, but more storage or office docs on a website and the ability to access interact with them on the web. Editing can be done there, but probably much more fruitfull would be a fat client. Re-read my blog entry and notice how most of my feature list you can't do with stand alone clients.

10. privacy: aside from yo' momma, who wants their personal data on someone else's servers?

It would only make sense that some sort of open source web backend office came out.

9. the web browser provides an interface (menus, toolbars) and you want to shove another one, even more complex inside of it's little viewing area? this may work ok for email, but .... a word processor? c'mon!

Agreed, but you could have a fat client for the editing, but everything else is still on the server.

8. jwz hasn't yet figured out how a web office suite will get him (or the average college dorm rat) laid, therefore i must pass on it.

The colaberation part. You like this girl in your class, you offer to help with the paper and make some fixes before heading over to her place. Or more simply: the girl next door needs to print out the paper. Or you upload all your digital photos to the media repository, the girl next door finds some of the photos really good and looks at you in a new light.

7. the prospect of purchasing new servers for the office to run software we already have working just fine on the desktop is inane, thank you very much

100% agree, if web based offices's provide *no* new functionality other then woopie I can edit in my web browser then it will be dead from the get go. It is all about the features that you can provide by having a central repository that is also web accessable.

6. training costs, anyone?

Training costs for Office 12 anyone? Training isn't an issue, if you provide benifites that outweight the cost of training then it will be used.

5. there have been web based (though not AJAX, granted) office apps for years and they haven't caught on

See my #7 point

4. it's bad enough reading email chews up RAM because it's delivered via a web browser, do we really need a word processor that requires 1GB of RAM?

Fat client solves this

3. 100% 24x7 networking in the office is a dream we're still years away from achieving

With a Fat Client it can easily have an offline mode or more easily just a local copy of files you have edited in the last six months (or whatever you specify).

2. even with AJAX, the web browser isn't nearly rich enough to meet the demands of spreadsheet and desktop database users (and no, XUL isn't even close to being wide spread enough to matter). try getting groucho in marketing to let go of his linked-to-million-other-data-sources-realtime-updating-charts-with-a-billion-sheets-and-split-frames-with-funky-data-input-widgets-on-top spreadsheet.

Most people aren't groucho in marketing. That is a TOOL for their job. It is like you telling me that Kate is the only coding editor and me telling you that you can pry vi from my cold dead hands. For a developer the editor is _very_ important, but most others don't have the requirements we do. For many of us a word processor is used to write up quarterly reports or presentations or other simple things once or twice a year. For a student anything with spell check is probably good enough (and don't you dare try to take away itunes from them).

If a word processor is the primary tool for your job then you are going to use Microsoft Office and there is _nothing_ I can do to change your mind. If a word processor is just a tool you use from time to time for spell checking and basic formating then you can change.

1. there's no easily accessible and dependable network on the airplane, most coffee shops, on the highways between major cities on the beach or just about anywhere else that isn't an office or house in a developed country. and if your spreadsheet doesn't let me read and edit my information wherever the hell i happen to be, your app doesn't get used. period.

This is the same as #3... and so is my response.

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