Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tweak KDE

One of the things To Do when cleaning up KControl was to remove some stuff that is beyond Advanced dialogs and more like "This will probably break some shit". Things that most users (and developers for that matter) could care less about. There were also some features in KDE that I like, but have to look up every time (such as the developer mode to drkonqi). With that in mind I spent that last hour and coded up Tweak KDE. It lets me easily enable hidden features and it gives a spot to hide away some options that are (but not for much longer) in KControl. This way you tweakers can still have your fun, but most users will never know that they exist. The code is in trunk/playground/utils/tweakkde/. Very simple code and I plan on keeping it that way. I will turn this into an extragear application after I let the code settle a little. Here are some screenshots:


Albert Astals Cid said...

It's kbuildsycoca not kbuildsycoco

Vincent said...

In the konqueror part, you could add the option "Disable the accessibility ballon" (the bubble that appears when you hit the Control key).

Moltonel said...

While it's a good thing to hide those rarely-used settings (while still having a GUI for them), I think that having a "KControl bis" is ill-advised :
The last thing we want is a situation like on Windows where many programs from different sources will allow you to tweak different things. We allready have at least 3 places to configure stuff (app's settings menu, KControl, and files). Users will get lost for no good reason.

The current KControl seems pretty decent allready. It has an "advanced" tab, and a search field. Maybe you could add a "guru" tab. Or even better : add support for GHNS in KControl so that tweakers can fetch uncomon tweaks from the net, while still using the same interface, which will remain uncluttered for simple users.

In clonclusion, please dont fragment the configuration tools by adding yours (as nice as it may be :) ). Improve KControl instead.

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