Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to Norway

Wrapping up my final day here at aKadamy. Tomarrow morning I fly back to norway where I will probably have to wear sweatshirts to keep warm. The week has been fun and interesting. This is some things that just can't be transmitted via e-mail. Seeing someone in person and what projects they are involved with both in KDE and there personal life helps to explain their decisions, belief and direction a lot more. Also when you are in person you can just tell the person to walk over to your desk rather then spending ten minutes on IRC.

The bad:
-The cafeteria closed earlier this week so many of us wasted way to much time (two plus hours?) finding food off campus.
-Spanish keyboards are really hard to use when you are used to American keyboards. Should have brought my own keyboard and mouse.
-Having two rooms separated out the hackers a lot more. One room would have been better.
-We have a lot of work to do
-I Didn't actually get much time to hack before today
-Vending machine ate my money without giving me anything

The good:
-A lot of people talking more about usability.
-KDE base is getting restructured
-KDE4 libs work is underway
-Lots of good System Settings (i.e. kcontrol++) discussions
-Interesting talks
-Lots of talking about how to make KDE better (vs sitting and just coding)
-Met lots of people in person that I have worked with over the years

Malaga was a little disappointing. I was surprised how dirty the city was. The first day we walked from the hotel to the University and there is pretty much trash everywhere. Even on the well maintained university lawns that are mowed there is trash. I was hoping to get together some sort of outdoor game earlier in the week, but decided not to sense I didn't think there would be anywhere to go. I had fun playing tourist, taking lots of photos and seeing some sites. I'll upload them when I get back.

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