Saturday, August 27, 2005

Malaga, kdelibs, kregexp, and more!

Today is the first fun day here at Malaga and even though we were told to be here at 9 many didn't arrive till 9:30. Oh well, at least we showed up. As allready reported the network is capped. The keyboards are not American so as long as I don't look down I am ok :) Unfortunettly in the main room many of the computers network (i.e. icecream boxes) have been hijacked for the laptop users. Hopefully this will be resolved tomarrow. I have my laptop loaded with OS X Tiger so any KDE developers that want to check it out can stop by. At some point in the next few days (tomarrow evening?) I plan on having a meeting for those who want to work on KControl. So we don't leave anyone out if you are interested please let me know. (Trying to track down everyone manually right now)

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