Monday, August 22, 2005

Lessons Learned in Software Testing book review

Picked up "Lessons Learned in Software Testing" by Cem Kaner, James Bach, and Bret Pettichord. At Trolltech I have recently written some unit tests for some Qt classes and some code I have worked on so I thought it would be interesting to see what the book would have to say about testing. It is a fairly large book I couldn't quite figure out at first who it was suppose to be sold to. A developer? A manager? Support? Little of everything person? After reading about quarter way through the book I realized that this book is for those who are hired for the testing position, the full time tester. Once I figured that out then the book made a lot more sense.

The book covers covered a lot of interesting topics from a testers perspective.

-What is a tester
-How to write tests (testing techniques)
-How to write up reports
-How to deal with management
-How to deal with developers (and their weird behavior)
-Automation and automating your testing and when not to
-Unit Tests
-Managing testers
-Hiring testers
-Growing your career in Testing

I picked up the book hoping it would cover a lot of strategies for testing my code (being a big book and all). I got a few good ideas that I will use, but most of the book was not directly about code. On the other hand I got an interesting inside into a testers world. A lot of it a testers world deals with interacting with others and how to best do that. From not giving vp's hard numbers because then they will just want more to understanding that when you write a bug report you need to sell it to the developer to get them to want to fix it. Similar to the development world the book had tips about reusing code and techniques such as working in pairs. Overall I think this book was well written and covers all the topics of being a tester. If you are only looking for a book full of tips on how to write some tests for your code then you could probably find a smaller book that covers the same or a larger book that covers more. For a view into a world that in very similar to being a developer, I would recommend this book. If you are interested in spending more of your time (or all of it) testing, you will probably get a good deal out of this.

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