Saturday, June 25, 2005


For the past month me and my wife have been in full moving mode. Because we are moving to Norway that meant getting rid of everything that we didn't want or need. It was fun going through all of the clothes and ending up tossing out or giving away half of them that didn't fit or were just old and worn out. We decided to try to bring as little as possible to Norway. We tried to limit ourselves to four suitcases and our two backpacks. What we didn't give away, toss out is now in our parents houses as storage. Because we have only been married a few years we didn't have too many pieces of nice long term furniture. The cheap $20 shelves, home made plywood desks, and cracked plastic bins quickly went to the garbage. Several pieces of furniture that we had borrowed were returned, and our couch was sold to a friend. Other then one desktop computer which is being shipped and my wife’s and my laptop I have gotten rid of all my other computer hardware. Suffice it to say that at the end of the day we got rid of a lot so not too much is being stored.

As many of you know I am a bit of a Transformers collector. Before packing them up I set up a little area to photograph the main toys that I collect (1984-1986). My initial estimate of three days was very optimistic, but in my defense I ended up running a lot of errands. Luckily I choose to only take one photograph of each toy per mode (robot/vehicle) rather then ten or fifteen which is the typical number for a toy review. Considering that the 84-86 years have several hundred toys this alone turned into a very large task and took more then a week. The first day was a lot of learning, the next few days were fun, but then it just became tedious and waiting for it to end. Too many toys :) Big props to Digikam which I used all throughout this photographing to retrieve the photos from the camera and for the basic sorting. It did die on me once when I tried to download around 800MB of photos from the camera, the kernel killed the app as the system ran out of memory. I guess it tried to download all of the photos into memory rather then sequentially or something. I like very much how it will automatically rotates the images when you download them, but I don’t like how when names it by the time the photo was taken the filename has a number of odd characters and spaces which simply make it annoying to manipulate the photos on the command line. I was a tad surprised that the slideshow plugin wasn’t included by default. Also anyone else find it odd why it prompts your for the Pictures directory? Seems unnecessary. I was happy to finally take photos of all of them even if it was because I was forced to finally pack them all up. I have been working on and off on a website for them the past few years, just waiting for the photos so at some point in the next six months I should be able to put it up.

With all of the packing, selling, getting things sorted out, moving, and visiting family and friends before flying out my free time has been well, non existent. My subversion HEAD box isn’t even plugged in right now and I only just got my mail server working again the other day. On the plus side once we get to Norway I will have a bit more free time and will be able to work on my KDE projects. I think I will be able to goto the conference this year, but I will know for sure after I start work at TrollTech. I hope to take Audiocd and KAudioCreator to the next level. I plan on finally having KAudioCreator completely use audiocd, not just for the wav files. At the same time I want to try to integrate audiocd into Juk and if that is successful then KAudioCreator will be moved to Extragear (or even removed?). I would rather see KDE have a nicely integrated audio application then a dozen apps that all do the same thing. Also I hope to try to integrate the daap ioslave into Juk. The kdetestscript is run on a computer which is being shipped by boat so it wont be updated for four to six weeks. And of course I will continue to help port KDE onto OSX. I have a lot to do and it is a very exciting time. We will be flying out on Wednesday so starting next week I will begin closing bugs and hacking on KDE again.

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