Wednesday, March 23, 2005

PSP battery life

It is amazing how long it has taken me to determine the battery life on the new Sony PSP. Every article I have come across I would skim it for any battery info, but alas I never came across the information. Even in the "shootout" articles all they can do is drewl over the graphics. The closest thing I have found was someone's post on slashdot:

"The battery life isn't really an issue for most people as Ridge Racer can last five hours on a single charge..."

If this is true then PSP might not be a long term winner. The Sega Game Gear was leagues ahead of the Nintendo Game Boy back in the day, but the Game Gears battery life wasn't that good. Some say it comes down to games. Assuming they both have a few "must have" titles then it comes down to battery life. If you find yourself with a dead PSP all the time then you wont play it, pretty simple.

I loved having my Game Gear and completely enjoy playing the games, but after I finished playing them it went into storage because the battery life just wasn't good enough and so it wasn't very portable. Lucky for me (and those who enjoy it) the system with wall adapter and games are pretty cheap on ebay:
My Game Gear and games on ebay

Sorry for the plug, but I have been thinking about this topic a bit. The PSP might be too big (carry in your pocket) and have too short of a battery life. No 3d graphics can save you long term if those aren't good enough. It is kinda sad how quickly we forget and are amused by pretty shiny things rather then seeing if they solved what caused past handheld systems to fail. At least Nintendo knows.

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