Friday, June 25, 2004

KDE, New users and Knoppix?

Getting KDE into the hands of new users is much easier then converting current Linux users to KDE. For the most part that means having new users install Linux on a spare computer. When doing that they will probably go with whatever the default of the selected distribution. And whatever that desktop environment might be they will most likely stick with until a really compelling reason comes along. So the easiest way to get new KDE users is to get them playing with KDE before anything else which is where Knoppix comes in.

Knoppix comes with KDE and best of all doesn't require a install to play around with it. You can give out disks to just about everyone and they have the ability to play around with KDE and find all the little things that they like. With Knoppix a user is much more likely to play around with Linux sense the barrier to entry is so much lower. They most likely don't have any feelings to which desktop they want and will go with whatever is presented.
I the past six months I have been giving out Cd's to whomever has asked for a copy. At first I gave them out to those who I worked with, but at time went by I discovered other ways. The best was a simple note posted up saying (short version) "If anyone was intersted in playing with Linux, I had free copies of Knoppix, a version of Linux you don't have to install, but can run from the cd drive." Sense putting that up I have continuesly gotten a steady stream of people coming by for copies of the Knoppix. Most of them having never played with Linux before, but were interesting and wanted to learn more and saw this as a really easy way. These are the type of people that will make up the KDE user base in the future. With Linux only at 4% of the desktop there is plenty of users left to convert and it is a whole lot easier to show new Linux users KDE than it is to convince current users of other desktop environments.

So if you are around non-Linux users all day and have some spare CD-R's try posting up a message in a common area and see what kind of response you get. You might be surprised just how many people stop by.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

File Encoding With KAudioCreator

In KAudioCreator there has been a long standing wish for the ability to encode wav files. Sense this is a task that KAudioCreator already does, it would seem like an easy thing to add right? Well a year later and a dozen ideas later I still am not too sure how to intigrate it into the interface. In CVS HEAD if you go File/Encode File it brings up a dialog that you can select a file to encode. I am not all that happy with this solution, but it seems the best at this time. So putting it out to everyone for some ideas on how this can be best implemented or if it should even be.

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