Monday, May 03, 2004

Anyone find it interesting how in the Linux world everyone is trying to have the one true toolkit? What is most amusing about it is that Linux is the one place where there will always be new toolkits. People trying out new ideas, hacking together something, releasing internal code as GPL, or just toolkits that will never ever die no matter how many people hate it. In contrast OS X and M$ have plenty of toolkits on their OS, but they all intigrate nice together (ok, not perfect but a heck of a lot better then Linux today). I predict that in five years KDE and Gnome will still be around, but not as the user knows it now. They will more closely work together and look the same. Users today that *only* install Qt or GTK, but not the other are stupid. It is really shortsighted to only look at applications written in your favorite toolkit. Just like developers should know more then one programing language they should be familiar with multiple toolkits so they can take advantage of whatever is best for what they need. With all of the work at hopefully collaboration will be sooner than later.

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