Thursday, February 21, 2002


I have created a new application called KAudioCreator. It is a front-end tool for ripping and encoding CD's. I am happy to say that KAudioCreator will be part of KDE starting with KDE 3.1.

KAudioCreator is a front-end tool for ripping audio CDs and encoding the wav files using your favorite encoder. Based upon KDE it combines the look and feel of your desktop with the power and flexibility of the command line tools. KAudioCreator is an audio file creation solution for KDE. It allows you to use whatever encoder you wish to encode your audio files while providing a comfortable GUI. KAudioCreator also provides a job control system so you can see what files have succeeded, failed and stop or cancel jobs as the application progresses.

The source for KAudioCreator is now kept in KDE's repository here.


bilbous said...

I like this app pretty good but have some quibbles. When ripping to mp3 and the cddb id3tags do not match your predefined list the rip fails after encoding. It would be better to check the tags as reported by the cddb before ripping so as to prompt for corrections prior to starting the jobs. Having the encoding fail after deleting the intermediary wav file wastes time as the whole job needs to be restarted from scratch.

Linus said...

Hi Benjamin,

are you going to port KAudioCreator to KDE4?

I'm just one of the hundreds waiting for it to be available there!

Cheers, Peter

Benjamin Meyer said...

@Linus: I have no plans to hack on KAudioCreator and currently the project needs a new maintainer. I haven't actually bought a CD in the past four years.

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